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About Wall Art

Wall Art團體的始創人是TERENA,TERENA本身是一位香港本土藝術家,對街頭藝術創作充滿 熱情。她以自己的經驗和熱愛,創立了Wall Art團體,致力於社區藝術。她的目標是讓更多不同的 藝術家能夠透過這個團體,為社區傳遞正能量。她相信藝術可以成為一種力量,能夠改變和豐富 人們的生活。

Wall Art is a community art organization founded by TERENA, a Hong Kong-based local artist who is passionate about street art. With her experience and love for art, TERENA established Wall Art with the goal of promoting positive energy within the community through various art forms. She believes that art has the power to transform and enrich people's lives.

Project Idea

對於一直覺得藝術充滿感染力的她來說,這項目是另一個新的嘗試,把藝術的感染力,不但呈現 在街頭,更帶入我們的日常生活之中:房間、住所、日常用品 ⋯⋯ 希望能夠從視覺上的轉變,給予 一種令人舒壓和喜悅的感覺,注入新的能量,減輕都市人的壓力感。

For someone who has always felt the infectious power of art, this project is another new endeavor. It aims to bring the captivating essence of art not only to the streets but also into our everyday lives, from our rooms to our living spaces and even our daily objects. The objective is to provide a visual transformation that brings a sense of stress relief, joy, and injects new energy, alleviating the pressures felt by urban dwellers. The intention is to create a new and visually enjoyable environment for our communities. Not only on the street, but also bring them into our lives, our rooms, our living places. We believe that art-making can help people process their emotions and tap into their inner creative resources, bringing them new energy. The aim is to offer customers an opportunity to experience the power of art and its benefits in both psychological and aesthetic aspects through an enhanced visual exp

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Gives to your wall high quality re-live



讓您擁有在室內的空間感Enjoy indoor spacious experience



Enhance emotional wellbeing by improving visual experience

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